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Bitcoin Exchange CEX.IO

The UK official National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has created a Cyber Action Plan for micro businesses and sole traders.
For UK businesses, trust is hard to build and easy to lose, a new report from Okta suggests.
Automation, car hacks, and network worms will be some of the main cyber security threats next year, according to WatchGuard…
Small and medium-sized businesses are being invited to apply for some of the £500,000 funding from the UK Government.
Cybercrime is expected to cost UK businesses a truly staggering £21 billion in 2020.
Data is everywhere – from mobile phones to laptops, smartwatches and smart homes. At the same time, data is also…
The fact that the majority of cyber criminals are leveraging the familiar, age-old tactic of phishing, rather than devising a…
A new report from email security firm Tessian reveals that 43% of US and UK employees have made mistakes resulting…
A pair of cyber-security speakers at a webinar yesterday discussed the Covid-19 pandemic ‘isolation economy’.
Phishing will continue to be persistent, so it’s important that companies tackle the issue with a strong strategy and tools…
The ‘gig’ economy encompasses the increasing economic trend for professionals to take on a series of temporary work positions.

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