Homeworkers Eco Habits Matter Too

Working from home often has environmental benefits.

To mention just a few.

1. It reduces congestion in concentrated areas like city centres.
2. Minimises pollution from commuting.
3. Staff are more inclined to use food they have at home rather than buying lunch and coffee in single-use containers.

Energy efficiency tends to be more of a concern for homeworkers paying their own bills over office efficiency costs. Therefore in general savings are made.

Even so, suggest switching off their electronics (both on the device and at the wall) when they’re not in use.

Minimise printing to save on paper and energy use.

Take notes on tablets and computers instead of taking hard copies.

It could also be a good idea to encourage them to look into recycling in their local area and see if they can recycle more.

These are easy things to do and do make a real difference.

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Second Hand Saves
Minimising purchases of new tech is less damaging to the environment. Plenty of shops and websites sell second-hand and refurbished goods. If you want something new, look for shops selling display models of items like laptops at a reduced price.

When you’re refurbishing your office social areas, consider second-hand furniture which not only offers a different look but doesn’t create demand for new product purchases.

When you’re buying second-hand, it’s the retailer’s responsibility to make sure it’s in good enough condition to sell to you. That said, it still helps to go to a reputable seller who is knowledgeable and easily contactable if something goes wrong.

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