What do you do with unused paint from your office refresh?

You have given your office a fresh new look, getting rid of the drab and scruffy looking walls.

But then what do you do with leftover paint?

The issue is most leftover tins - both unopened and half-used - are believed to get thrown away in the end.

Paint contains polymers - which are also found in plastic bags and packaging. However, the ones in paint are just in liquid form.

The fear is these molecules could then end up entering the environment, for example the water system or food chain.

What is the impact of keeping paint in storage?

Polymers are valuable substances, so it is no wonder the Royal Society of Chemistry said they have better uses than being stashed away in garages and lofts.

As well as being found in paint, polymers in liquid formulations are in other products, such as shampoo and detergents.

You can check here on PaintCare’s website (https://www.paintcare.org.uk/buy-right/) to estimate how much you actually need.


What should I do with unwanted paint?

If you will definitely use your leftover paint in the future, it is worth checking how to store it properly as this can affect how long it will last for,thus avoid ending up throwing it away.

Otherwise, you can look into recycling old tins. You can check RecycleNow to see if your local waste recycling centre accepts liquid paint and your local council website to see if they will collect it from you.

If these options are not available, you can give it away to charities - such as Community RePaint - or friends and family.

It may take a little effort but it is better than disgarding it and adding to landfill.

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