Smart green technology

Many believe that smart technology is the key to more sustainable businesses across industries.

Philips Hue White Single Smart Bulb LED [B22 Bayonet Cap] - 1100 Lumens (75W equivalent). Works with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Homekitamazon uk

Smart lighting is leading the way in data-driven management, which can self-measure and report on energy usage, allowing business leaders to set the rate of electricity used and cut down on waste dramatically. See our article on energy audits.

Business smart meters are increasingly being supplied to businesses by energy providers. They can help to improve energy efficiency by providing accurate data on energy usage which can be used to change business practices.

Gardena Water Smart Flow Meter: Practical water meter for attachment to the tap or water consumer for monitoring water consumption with a clearly organised display; battery-powered (8188-20)amazon uk

Smart water meters allow companies to monitor water use per building from a cloud-based system, making it simple to develop comprehensive smart water management plans. They also support identifying leaks and waste and can support phasing-out systems and equipment that have above-average water consumption levels.

Businesses can now take advantage of searching for cheaper tariffs on commercial water rates, so before installing meters, businesses should ensure they are on the most cost-effective rate to make maximum savings.

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