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Get Disney Plus on Roku in the UK

Written by  Mar 23, 2020

On 24th March it will be available on a range of platforms, including Roku - but it isn't available to all devices.

Is my Roku compatible with Disney Plus?

Only recent Roku devices that are running the latest software are compatible with Disney Plus. In the UK this includes the Roku Streaming Stick+, Express and Premiere, as well as most numbered Roku models.

How much does Disney Plus cost on Roku?

Disney Plus costs the same amount regardless of platform. If you pre-order Disney Plus before tomorrow's launch it will cost £49.99 per year, but thereafter £59.99. Or you can pay monthly at £5.99/month. Do note that a free seven-day trial is also available.


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How to add Disney Plus to Roku

There are three ways to add Disney Plus to Roku:


On the Roku

  • On the home screen scroll down to and select Streaming Channels
  • Select Search Channels
  • Search for Disney Plus
  • Follow the instructions to add the channel to your device

Using the Roku mobile app

  • Launch the Roku mobile app
  • Select the Channels button at the bottom of the screen
  • Switch to the Channel Store tab
  • Search for and select Disney Plus
  • Click Add

I can't find Disney Plus in the Roku channel store

You will not be able to find Disney Plus in the channel store until it goes live in your location. In the UK this will be on 24 March 2020.

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Carl Bryant

Carl comes from a creative tech background in retail and telecoms, his flair and attention to detail is very important to the success of this website. Carl is a freelance journalist who shares his knowledge and experience as well as reviewing tech products for us.

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