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Many UK business leaders are not planning to invest more in digital transformation

Written by  Jul 23, 2020

The majority of business leaders in the UK have do not intend to further increase their investment in digital transformation efforts, a new report from Censuswide claims.

Based on a poll of more than 200 senior decision-makers, from verticals including retail, telecoms, entertainment and consumer electronics, the report states that over a third (39 percent) will maintain current investment levels, and just below one in five (17 percent) have rolled plans back.

The Censuswide report suggests these conclusions defy logic, with the Covid-19 pandemic acting as a catalyst for digital services adoption. Four in ten UK shoppers, for example, take to the web to purchase goods and services.

This “growing appetite” for online purchases should be seen as a “wake-up call” for businesses still oblivious to ecommerce and digital capabilities, argues David Bedford, Director of Digital Strategy at Cheil UK.


“The customer experience is key, and in a COVID and post-COVID world this has to be considered and embedded as part of digital transformation to meet the needs of today's customer,” he said.

One of the problems with digital transformation, the report claims, is the lack of consensus among businesses as to what the term actually means. While telecoms business leaders see it as moving people from offline to online, retail leaders failed to agree upon a definition.

Businesses that intend to invest more in digital transformation are doing so with the goal of improving customer experience, creating new products, improving site search, and getting better at data collation and interrogation.

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Karen Turner

A very experienced freelance IT journalist who now prefers to work from home and has such a broad range of knowledge accrued over the years, we would not cope without her influence and ideas.

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