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However careful a business might be, at some point a cash flow problem can arise, and become a major problem.
It’s fair to say that more and more people are turning to the world of online shopping.
The benefits of the cloud are well documented. Accessible anywhere, a more flexible and streamlined service, no hardware to maintain,…
This decision was a big surprise, although many operators – including Vodafone – had already cut  dividends before the pandemic.
Royal Bank of Scotland is scrapping Bó, its digital bank, to focus on lending to customers struggling to cope with…
There are very worrying signs of the volume of corporate credit card theft in the UK, £6million could be lost…
UK-based financial technology company Finastra is investigating a cybersecurity incident that may involve a piece of ransomware infecting its internal…
Dixons Retail is facing a £500,000 penalty from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) after a hacker installed malware that infected…


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