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If your business is expanding, you’ll need to consider whether you want to own or lease office space.

When it comes to digital security, we tend not to think about printers as they are often seen as dumb devices with a few basic functions.

Now that we are all stuck at home people are looking for ways to communicate with friends, family and colleagues and video calling is experiencing a huge boom in popularity.

Microsoft has announced its productivity suite Office 365 is changing, adding a few significant new features. As of 21st April, the suite will also be referred to as Microsoft 365.

Most organisations will be reliant on video conferencing to maintain a normal working environment particularly at the moment.

It’s a time of significant growth for the wearables industry, with the sector already worth hundreds of millions of pounds.

The BenQ GL2780 is a 27in monitor for 24in monitor money and doesn’t sacrifice on quality either.

All those files you’ve saved through the years that you can’t remember what they are? Goodbye, it wasn’t meant to be.

When you are in the office this is rarely a problem as you know your colleagues and you are in an enclosed environment.

The T100 may be dearer than its predecessors but impressive sound quality combined with a more features make them a worthy addition to the family.

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