Are there any downsides of green technology?

After all it can't be all good news there are real life issues.

Whilst envirotech has plenty of upsides where the environment is concerned, it’s important to recognise that there are potential drawbacks when utilising them, particularly on a large scale.

For example, even though it’s common practice for electric and gas companies to provide a renewable energy option, some companies may go out of business if forced to shift completely to renewable energy.

If companies go out of business, as they have done recently in the UK, this leads to job losses, which has a detrimental knock-on effect to the economy.

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The costs for environmental technologies can also be high, so many people realistically cannot afford them.

On the flip side, you could also make the argument that producing sustainable technologies in larger quantities will drive prices down and create jobs, so it depends on which way you look at it ultimately.

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