Steps to running an eco-friendly business operation

Are you considering making the transition towards running a more sustainable business?

This will be a good change to make, since eco-friendly business practices are more important than ever.

With society continually making efforts towards comprehensive sustainability endeavours, more companies are transitioning towards eco-friendly operations. Some initiatives are extensive, while others are small changes with big influence.

We have listed 4 effective ways to help your businessy switch to eco-friendly business operations. This will help you improve your brand image and show that you care.

eco-friendly Transport Inspiring and creating opportunities for sustainable transport is how a workplace can reduce its carbon footprint and increase positive environmental impact.

A few alternative transport options might be better for the planet than the typical car. One is public transport. If your town or city has trains or buses, make sure you set up your new office locations close to the bus or train stationss. This makes it easier for employees to use them instead of driving.

If you operate vehicles as part of your services, we suggest choosing an vehicle powered by efficient fuel sources. Electric car chargers can be installed to lower the carbon footprint when you use the vehicles for business operations.

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HVAC Audit

It is surprising how often HVAC systems are overlooked when comes to eco-friendliness and cost savings. An audit of your heating and cooling system is always a good idea. Every business owner wants to keep their buildings cool in hot summers and warm in the cold winter months.

When your HVAC system is working properly and efficiently, it will reduce the emission of toxic by-product gases. However, leaks, breakdowns and other problems are quite frequent in the HVAC system of any commercial building.

An HVAC system audit is required to:
1. Locate possible heat or cooling leaks in doors and windows.
2. Make sure that insulation prevents the quick loss of cool air or heat.
3. Look for any electricity spikes in the bill that could mean unit problems.
4. If there’s a leak or insulation hasn’t been installed correctly, this means that your office space isn’t being properly heated or cooled. This implies heat escapes during the winter months and the HVAC unit has to work harder to keep the office space warm.

This leads to frequent breakdowns because the HVAC system is subject to more wear and tear with increased load.

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Lighting audit

After you have finished doing the HVAC audit the next thing is to do a lighting audit. With ever increasing energy costs it makes sense to audit your lighting so that you will use less energy and reduce your utility costs.

Switch Towards Sustainable Products The items you use in your day-to-day activities can quickly pile up when you multiply them with the number of workers within the building. This is why having sustainable products is very beneficial.

Purchase recycled items and then recycle them again after use. This simple practice reduces the amount of waste generated and helps avoid overflowing toxic landfills. Another method to reduce the amount of waste produced is to utilise compostable or biodegradable items. See our article on eco-friendly office products.

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Make the Transition Towards Being an Eco-Friendlier Business

Being an environmentally-friendly company doesn’t have to be a huge burden. Once you’ve put the right initiatives in place, you’ll be in a position to concentrate on your business and reap the benefits of lower expenses while positively impacting the planet.

Once you implement these practices, spread the word! Use these eco-friendly office amenities in your ads for hiring, sales brochures, and enjoy how it helps to reduce your monthly energy bills.

This will also highlight your ethical practices and will improve your business image to the outside world.

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