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Microsoft has announced its productivity suite Office 365 is changing, adding a few significant new features. As of 21st April, the suite will also be referred to as Microsoft 365.

The zero-trust concept is often reffered to as “trust no one, verify everything.” No enterprise can stop off the myriad of cyberthreats as long as they assume that any individual element can be trusted as secure.

Having 'Superman' or 'Liverpool' as your computer password puts you at a much higher risk of being hacked, say GCHQ.

'The ICO told businesses that ultimately it is their responsibility to ensure customer data is safe and secure.

Over the last decade, cyber security has become a vital part of corporate culture. Whilst businesses have bolstered their security measures, cybercrime has also become increasingly sophisticated over the years.

The use of Internet of Things platforms in business is increasing, in spite of the very real cybersecurity risks.

As Covid-19-related cybersecurity threats continue to multiply, three in four of home workers are yet to receive any cybersecurity training.

In this digital age, it’s not a great idea to trust someone with your sensitive data.

COVID-19 has changed the world almost overnight, so business travellers need to adapt.


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